Go Slowly (part 4)

Kristen Yaney
2 min readNov 16, 2022


Death isn’t really a melody

We hum from our chest

Death is like a newborn baby with wide eyes

Taking Life in

Seeing us from a differing perspective

If we stopped running, fearing, hiding

Let it speak clear to us,

We could really learn from it. Death,

I never knew you were here with me (us)

This whole time, taking Life in

Hauntingly beautiful

Death waits for us to listen

All this time we’ve been running from Him

He only wanted us to speak to him

So we could see it clearly

This precious, precious gift

That Life is.

We are so free for being here.

We are so cornered when we run from Death

And there isn’t anywhere we can go, really

When we’re running from Wisdom

When fear takes the chest

We can’t hear him

We can’t feel love

We can’t feel joy

We can’t feel rest

We can’t really experience any of the sweetness that life is

When we’re still running from death

So turn, and see it.

Embrace him.

It turns out, even Death,

He really loves me

And we

Have always been friends

I had just, in my youthfulness-

Turned to grown up-ness,


How sweet he is.

When I forget how to treat myself with kindness

With compassion

When I can’t turn the joy from pain or suffering

When I can’t transmute the energy and I’m stuck feeling playless, recess-less

Death, he always comes back for me. He helps me turn that to this,

To see myself more clearly, to show me even in endings how joy presides

Over pain and suffering, and how this life really is the best.

When I can’t quite accept the ending

Joy comes back for me, she too hates to see me suffering,

But I am maybe the only one of us who lacks the perspective and

Ability to see myself more clearly, to understand, to appreciate

And to find the gratitude in ALL of it.

Thanks to you, my dear friend Death

Tell the crow and the raven they too can

Caw home again, sound the alarm of

Freedom spreading back beneath my chest

And wings spread wide on the winds of

Suffering, channeled into Beauty and Rest

Transformation time, lovies, now let’s

See what beautiful things

Come next.



Kristen Yaney

Writer, Comedian, Poet, and Podcaster. Focused on women, worth, wayfinding, friendship, trust, & faith. Deeply funny, because your heart is both. (Seattle, WA)