Go Softly (part 1)

Kristen Yaney
1 min readNov 16, 2022

Seems like all my life,

I lost perspective on myself

Can’t see my own beauty, can’t see myself

Lovingly, can’t hear my own wisdom,

Can’t appreciate the gifts sitting right in front of me

Wanting to be held, to be swaddled,

Waiting for someone to cuddle me

Nobody’s loving me, I enfold

Crying softly to myself

Then one day, suddenly

Like a strong wind coming over me

My security blanket blows away in the storm.

It was then- Here and now.

I had no choice

Exposed and obvious

I crawled out from my crib; my coffin.

Nakedly, standing up, nobody shaking me but myself

Self-soothed, calm but

I’m rattled,

There I am.

Knocking the wind out of my sails

I catch a glimpse in the mirror of my reflection for the first time.

She is breath-taking.

I am breathtaking.



gentleness by nature

we nurture

all the lands and those who came before us

and call it a premonition but I remember the birthing pangs

when I came crawling forth from the wombs of my ancestors

it hurt me it hurt them it hurt us becoming we

Life in the afterbirth



Kristen Yaney

Writer, Comedian, Poet, and Podcaster. Focused on women, worth, wayfinding, friendship, trust, & faith. Deeply funny, because your heart is both. (Seattle, WA)