Go Sweetly (part 2)

Kristen Yaney
1 min readNov 16, 2022


Death succumbs sweetly

Like honeycomb romance

Sappy, it sings to me

Sweetly, calls to me gently

“Come home, lovey.”

“Come cradle here back to me

Lay in my arms and sing to me

Sweetly, Remember romance?”

And I, but a newborn babe in his arms

Burble and laughter, baby blue eyes sparkle

With wonder and who am I to deny the sweet flower

Of Death

And of memories

And of pains and romance

And who am I if not a babe to recall

How much he used to mean to me, Death?

Don’t you remember babe, we used to belong here

We used to dance, go out together at this bar

Take shots over here, black out under there

Eat tacos on the porch watching our lives to stretch into great expanse

We had no semblance of time and we were limitless.

Remember when Death had no hold on me?

Why, we were younger then

Now he calls out to me, Siren’s call beckons me

Back home again

Come here sweet sister, let me remind you that I am nothing

But a memory

That fades along with time like your sister’s denim vest

Bedazzle me, baby, like 1996

Watch my light sparkle

Come home again.



Kristen Yaney

Writer, Comedian, Poet, and Podcaster. Focused on women, worth, wayfinding, friendship, trust, & faith. Deeply funny, because your heart is both. (Seattle, WA)